Schedule Adjustment

Sometimes on the Washington Metro, the trains will pause for a few minutes for what they call a “schedule adjustment.” Here’s a decent explanation as to why it happens on Greater Greater Washington. I’ve been thinking about that this week because I’m back to riding the Metro every day. My blissful days of working from home have ended, at least temporarily.

This is not a bad thing, really. It’s a change, but it’s a neutral-to-good change. My days are longer, but at least I’m walking more and just treating it like an adventure.

Rosie shoes in black by BAIT FootwearIt also means shopping! Due to the whole “working from home” thing, my office-appropriate wardrobe had suffered. While I do resent buying work clothes, I still like clothes so getting to buy them for any reason is kind of fun. And as much as I want to look cute, my main criteria for work clothes is “Does it fit and look OK on me? Is it black, red or silver or any combination of the three? Then I’m ready to go!” (I do throw white in there sometimes.) What I do isn’t exactly a capsule wardrobe because I think I have too many pieces for it, but the concept is the same since it’s easy to mix and match everything. It does make getting dressed pretty easy in the mornings. (I like The Vivienne Files for interesting capsule wardrobe ideas, if you’d like to start your own.)

Carrie backpack in red by Pixie Mood

I also used it as an excuse to buy the Carrie backpack in red from Pixie Mood. (Those are Canadian dollars so it’s cheaper than that!) I also bought a couple of pairs of shoes from B.A.I.T. Footwear. I think I’ll buy some more once the weather gets cooler.

I can’t wait for fall, though. Dressing in the fall is so much easier. And once the weather is cooler, I can consider walking to or from the Metro (it’s a great walk but it’s about 1.5 miles, so a bit long when it’s hot out. There is a bus that stops right nearby that I could take either way).

And somehow during all of this, I still managed to co-coordinate this year’s Harvey Awards and the nominations were announced today. I didn’t really have a hand in picking any of them, but I think they’re a strong, diverse group and I’m really proud to be a part of this.

I always get this song stuck in my head while riding on the Metro for obvious reasons. I know it’s not about the DC Metro system but I always keep joking I’m going to make some minor lyric changes to it so it is.