What do we do now?

On March 9, I went to a screening of Tokyo Godfathers. (I love that movie.) Before the movie, I joked that there were probably some DC restaurants we should try, since most of them would be empty.

Little did I know, this was basically the last normal thing I’d do.

I had quietly been stocking up on provisions because I figured this was coming. But also, I didn’t figure this was coming. All of it was just a good “well, just in case …”

I’ve watched movies (In Fabric!). I’ve read books (Isa Mazzei’s Camgirl!). I’ve started going through my vinyl (I have a lot, but I’ve recently added Birtha into my collection). I’m finding inspiration in Guy’s Grocery Games.

But let’s be honest: All of this is bad.

I know I have a lot of privilege in that I have a job I can work remotely and I had enough money to stock up some supplies. But all of this is weird! None of us know what to do!

It’s not particularly reassuring, but for my part, I do remember my last couple of semesters in college where all of my friends had graduated so mostly, I spent a lot of time alone, watching movies and anime. And yes, I had a DVD Netflix subscription, but we weren’t at the point where you could get movies or anime by pressing some buttons on a remote control. I didn’t even have Animal Crossing then, and I have two Animal Crossing games now.

Hulu has Cowboy Bebop so I can pretend I’m in college (and that will allow me to listen to The Smiths without knowing what a mess Morrissey has become).

I will still take recommendations for new craft projects, though.