Introducing: The Revision

What do you think of when you think of a movie based on a comic?

Something with superheroes, right? A movie that involves things that could never happen in real life?

And that’s fair — the Marvel Cinematic Universe has definitely taught us that. And we tend to think of “comic book” movies as being a specific thing.

But comic-based movies are so much more than that. I see so many lists of “You didn’t know these movies were based on comics!” and … well, movies have always been based on comics. More than most people realize.

Several years ago, I made a list of non-superhero comics movies and then I whittled it down to non-superhero comics movies that had women or girls in the lead roles. I get that’s highly specific but that was also my point. There are enough comic-based movies about women or girls that I could form a whole project around it.

I didn’t pursue it at that time for a lot of reasons but it never left my mind. I finally sat down and decided to do all of this.

So welcome to The Revision, an extensive deep dive into movies that are based on comics that are focused on women and girls (that don’t have superheroes). Like I said, that’s highly specific, but that’s why it’s really cool.

I think we’re going to have a lot of fun.

This project got out of my control! So I do have a Patreon that will feature additional content that’s related but outside of the main scope. I do want to be clear: All of this will be public in one way or another at some point, so if you don’t pay for it now, it will be accessible in some other way.

But while I am funding all of this on my own (and it’s not a big deal!), I do appreciate any support people may want to give me. I actually have some good plans on paying a lot of this forward, too, depending on how much I take in.

Join me here (mostly) every week for the next several months (although there may be a summer break for something else). We’re going to learn a lot.

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