The Batter’s Eye: Reggie

It’s now October and so it feels appropriate to wrap up the baseball season with a documentary about a player known as Mr. October.

Reggie (2023, directed by Alex Stapleton) focuses on the life and career of Reggie Jackson. It’s kind and empathetic, mostly because Jackson himself is. It doesn’t shy away from the racism he faced on and off the field (he started playing in the major leagues in 1967) as well as later battles with baseball management. I especially like how when he was playing for and leading the Yankees to victory, the Yankees are still somehow the villains here, which has been a recurring theme throughout baseball movies.

Jackson’s confrontational style and confidence are a lot of fun to witness in archival interviews and footage. Even in his later years, he remains charismatic. I also loved seeing how big of a deal he was while he was still playing — I was a little young for a lot of it, but I do remember how he was everywhere there for a bit.

I’m not really sure what else to say about this, other than it’s great and I’m glad I concluded my baseball movie journey with this one. Jackson’s spirit reminds me why I love baseball — at its best, it’s about acceptance and perseverance. It’s about believing in yourself and it’s about second chances.

The Washington Nationals ended their season in fifth place in the NL East, with a 71-91 record. Maybe next year.