In the Loop: The Obituary of Tunde Johnson

The Obituary of Tunde Johnson announces what it’s about immediately, even from the title. Tunde, a gay, Black teenager, is killed by police. We quickly meet Tunde, realize what he’s about, and then we see two laughing police officers shoot him during a traffic stop. (I admire how quickly this movie gets to starting the loop — there’s not a lot of set-up here.)

In the Loop: Groundhog Day

It’s a joke now that we’ve all been repeating the same day over and over for more than a year now. I had been thinking about this and also my unapologetic love of time loop movies. It’s maybe not exactly true, but I do say I will watch any movie with a time loop. It seemed as good of a time as any to combine the two.

Welcome to In the Loop, a project where I will write about time loop movies (and on occasion, TV shows) once a week.