Stop going outside! Watch holiday things instead!

You are a very smart person. You’re not going to travel this year which probably means you’re not going to spend your holidays in the way you want (unless this how you wanted to spend your holidays, and if that’s the case, I support you 100%). That may seem depressing but it doesn’t have to be! Here is a ridiculous number of things to watch to keep you occupied and to make things feel a bit more celebratory.

This is a 2020 update of last year’s post. Many of my recommendations are the same, but I had added a few more things and removed couple. However, I have made sure the places to watch everything are current for this year (and I am also including HBOMax and Starz in this list this year).

My recommendations are in bold. Links go to more information about each. If it’s on YouTube, the link goes to the YouTube video. I tried to offer places that most were likely subscribed to before going with a “purchase/rental” opinion (I just put “for purchase” there so wherever you like to rent/buy your videos from). However, these may not be the only places you can find these. It is up-to-date as of Dec. 7, but you know how these things go.


Title screen from Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special


Cooking/baking shows

Still from the movie Happy Christmas


Also, my good friend Joe has a podcast called Joe Watches 60 Christmas Movies in 60 Days which is basically what it says. Now, I know Joe and I think he’s funny but I think you’ll also find him funny. This podcast is a delight!