Welcome, and other things

A few weeks ago, I got an email from the Library of Congress asking permission to include Comicsgirl in its archive of sites about comics criticism. After checking to make sure this was legit (because I have been on the Internet a long time), I clearly said yes. That’s an awesome honor for my little site.

But the word “archive” kind of struck a nerve. Maybe Comicsgirl was a thing of the past.

Oh, I still love it. I may still update it again someday. And I think it will stay up as long as possible. But I started the first incarnation of that site when I was a teenager. It turned 21 this year. That website is an adult that can drink and smoke. I don’t know how much it really needs me anymore.

I’m not going to give up the name, ever, especially since it’s so tied into much of my social media. And it’s just a name. We can outgrow the names we pick but they’re still effective things to refer to us by.

I miss Tumblr. Well, honestly, if we’re doing that, I miss LiveJournal. I miss blogs and things that aren’t Facebook posts that no one sees or Twitter threads. I enjoy sharing things with the world and I don’t really care if anyone else cares.

So, Cosmic Need. It’s an anagram that I thought was funny enough. But it’s also a desire for something I can never quite reach.

I’ve been wanting the next thing. This is a part of it.

Image from NASA’s Image of the Day